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Flat pack whelping boxes

Anti-Ruck Mat Sets

As dog breeders of over 40 years, our primary concern has always been SAFETY. This is why we have ensured that Whelpo Whelping Boxes are a wipe-clean, sanitary environment for dam and pups.  However, no matter how safe the box itself is, accidents can still happen with regards to suffocation from the type of bedding used within the whelping box, an unfortunate event which every breeder would wish to avoid.


Unfixed bedding is an accident waiting to happen with regard to suffocation of puppies, as the dam will instinctively ruck up the bed to make a nest for her new born litter, creating layers for the puppies to get trapped in with risk of suffocation or the bitch may also inadvertently lay on them . This event is unfortunately extremely common and something we have actively aimed to avoid in our breeding history. 


This aim led to us creating our very own anti-ruck mats which are available in a choice of colours (subject toavailability ) and made

using Vetbed (green backed) and Fleece, with a stiffener inserted inside and secured with Velcro to close.



Our anti-ruck mats are handmade, the same as our Whelping Boxes. They Velcro at one end, allowing a false base to be slipped inside. The bases are made to measure to the size of your whelping box and so the dam cannot ruck the sides up as they are flush to box. 

Even if you do not have a Whelpo Whelping Box, we can make a custom anti-ruck mat to the dimensions of your existing whelping box. 

*By way of standard disclaimer, please note that no product is indestructible and you should not leave your pets unattended for extended periods of time.



Anti-Ruck Mat Sets comprise TWO Covers and a False Base.


Size 1:    Vet Bed set £75.00 

Size 2:    Vet Bed set £85.00 

Size 3:   Vet Bed set £105.00 

Size 4:  Vet Bed set £125.00 

Sizes 5 & 6: Vet Bed set £135.00 

Sizes 7 & 8: Vet Bed set £145.00

Should your box be a different size to our standard sizes please just contact us with your requirements and we will make to fit your own box.


We try to offer a wide choice of  Vet bed colours which include light grey, dark grey, white, blue, lavender, green (all plain) or various colours with patterns, all still green backed.  We then back these with a contrasting or colour matching fleece.  Fleece sets will normally be made from stock rolls so if you have any particular colour choice, please contact us for full details 07949598580. Some items may incur an additional charge or waiting time for delivery.












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