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Flat pack whelping boxes


Your Whelpo Whelping Box will arrive with a set of step by step instructions containing photos that are easy to follow.

However, if you prefer to follow instructions visually or listen to audio instructions while you do it, the team have created these video tutorials.

Please note that the box used in these tutorials is our demo box and so it does not have the coloured labels identifying which panel is which, but this is described in detail in your instruction booklet. If you have any further queries about putting your whelping box together or taking it apart, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How to build and dismantle your Whelpo Whelping Box

How to Build

As you can see, the Whelpo Whelping Box is incredibly easy to build! It can be done by one person in approximately 2 minutes. 

How to Dismantle

Because the Whelpo Whelping Box does not contain ANY fixtures or fittings, it is so simple to take apart and there's nothing to misplace for the next use!

Pig rails and anti-ruck mats.

Pig rails.

If you have chosen to add pig rails to your Whelpo Whelping Box- here is a short video on how to insert and remove them. Easy peasy!

Anti-ruck mats.

Anti-ruck mats are simple to use and a great safety feature!

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