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Flat pack whelping boxes

How to Purchase your Whelpo products.

You may purchase your Whelpo products using the forms below but we would prefer you to call us direct on 07949598580 so we can take your details, discuss your timescales and any further requirements then we will invoice you for products you are interested in ordering. 

Please note there is an estimated 10-14 working day turnaround period for manufacturing, however we do try to accommodate where we can so please contact us before purchasing if you are in a rush for your whelping box.  We have been known to make in 24 hours!  Please also look at our anti-ruck mat sets and activity gyms as buying together will save you courier cost if sent together in one package. 

- please note this can vary with demand and we will notify you should this time estimate change.

We send our orders by courier using a next day collection service, however please note we do not have any control over the courier delivery timescales, particularly in light of Covid-19.

- We are currently offer delivery within the UK.   However, we have sent as far as Australia so it is worth contacting us to check if we are able to assist.   * There will be additional charges to the Scottish Highlands.

If you have any queries or would like to discuss a custom order, head over to our 'Contact Us!' page and leave a message for our team or call us on 07949 598 580 (9am-6pm).

*Please read the product disclaimer and returns policy at the bottom of this page before purchasing.

Thank you for supporting our small business!

Please select your required size and complete the payment form below.

Whelping Boxes

Delivery charges apply*

      Small Gym approx. 60cm x 40cm, Large Gym approx. 80cm x 60cm​


       Delivery Charges

      Please contact us before you order your Whelpo products for a courier quote if what you would like to order is not quoted on our website. Delivery charges will vary according to size and weight of the product. 

      *Product disclaimer

      Due to the handcrafted nature of the Whelpo Whelping Box, please expect slight size discrepancies and minor imperfections. These will not affect the products usage in any way, but as machines are not used to manufacture our products, no two boxes are the same!

      Custom orders may alter the product due to durability e.g. a bigger box requiring reinforcement may require further components, this will be communicated to you before you purchase. 

      Whelpo do not accept liability for any illness, injury or loss before, during or after whelping. It is the customers responsibility to monitor their pet to ensure there are no signs of wear and tear and although we do sanitise our products before we ship them, it is the customers responsibility to ensure they are sanitary before use. 

      Returns Policy 

      Every Whelpo Whelping Box is wrapped in protective packaging and due to the nature of the material it is made of, it is highly unlikely to incur any damage in transit.

      In the unlikely event that your Whelpo product does arrive damaged, we will issue you with a full refund of the purchase price on receipt of our insurance claim, the cost of insurance is covered by WHELPO accordingly.  This refund is on the basis that you inform us of the condition of the product within 24 hours of receipt and you return the product within 7 days. When you purchase your box, you agree to this condition. 

      Photographic evidence of the damage must be submitted prior to a refund request to ascertain how extensive it is, as due to the handcrafted nature of the product there may be minor discrepancies. This means that superficial imperfections to the aesthetic of the product will not warrant a refund due to the acceptance of this fact in the disclaimer above before purchase. It may also be possible to send out a spare part for your item should this occur.

      We, of course, try our upmost best to avoid any imperfections, but as every piece is cut by hand, it is sometimes unavoidable and this does not affect the durability or practicality of the product. We have had no complaints so far since launching July 2020!

      Every box is built and dismantled multiple times before being sent out to ensure every piece fits together. Please follow the step by step instructions or watch our video tutorial to build your whelping box correctly. If it is not fitting together, you may have a panel in the wrong place and forcing it together could damage it- we will not issue refunds for boxes damaged in this manner. 

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